About Me

Wandering in castle ruins, devouring pop culture and a long-standing fascination with otherworldly creatures, led me to fiction.

As JM White, I founded and published SCRYE Magazine: The guide to Collectible Card Games, and CRYPTYCH Magazine.


I was lead writer for  Fork & Bottle.

I am a finalist in the 2019 On The Far Side and Cleveland Rocks Romance Awards and I was a 2018 finalist in the Put Your Heart in a Book and the Daphne Du Maurier Awards.

I’m an active member of the RWA, HNS, SCWBI, and the CWC. 


Between writing, gaming and designing jewelry,

I live in wine country with my game-designing husband, son, and two Bengal cats.


I am forever and always Hunting Dragons.


100 Words

On the collar was a brass round tag, stamped with the word Gertrude. “Sorry girl,” I said, as I stroked her back. She dipped her head towards the pavement and dropped the key at my feet. Then she turned and walked towards the trees. The key was brass too; a skeleton key. It was large enough to open a door. It felt cold and heavy in my hand. Gertrude had stopped at the edge of the parking lot, as if she were waiting for me. I stood up, slipped the key into my pocket and followed her into the trees.

100 words

J. Morgyn White

The camp was deserted. We picked a random spot to pitch the tent. I head towards the car to get the last pole set and am surprised that so many people have arrived. An acquaintance asks for help moving; a strange assortment of damaged sports equipment and battered musical instruments. I ask her to teach me guitar tuning. She asks where the next event is. I tell her that it’s over. She asks who won, but I don’t know. We scan the newspaper as we’re waiting for the pedestrian signal to change. Bicycles rush by on the rubble filled street.

100 words

J. Morgyn White

A bit of rubbing on my sweater enhances the apple’s skin to a glow. The faint aroma is reminiscent of cantaloupe, with a hint of lemon. As I pierce the skin, there is a mind numbing crackle. My teeth slide through the succulent flesh, rending juices which dribble down my chin. My mouth fills with them, both sweet and tart. Tthe tough bitterness of the skin lingers on. The second bite, blends the sensations and flavors. A hard crunch, soft chew followed by delicious juice. I challenge you to eat an apple; outside, with the wind catching your hair.

100 words

J. Morgyn White


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