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A struggling young metal wizard.

A pocket-sized emerald dragon.

A kingdom threated by the Fluffy Death.


12 year old Blane practices his magic in secret with the assistance of his green dragon, Emerino, who can transform into the shape of a silver ring. Frustrated by failing experiments, he longs for the proper instruction he would have if magic hadn’t been banned in Wherrington. When a plague, nicknamed the Fluffy Death, threatens the kingdom, and his mother falls ill, Blane is determined to find a cure and save her life.


Blane seeks out Talis, his father’s old magic teacher with a plan to stop the Fluffy Death. Talis agrees that the dragon potion will vanquish the magical plague, but it requires more than one dragon and Talis has forgotten where she has hidden the others. They set out to acquire magical artifacts needed for the potion-making, but when Talis is arrested, Blane and Emerino are forced seek the cure on their own.


A secret book of dragons and a set of travel stones bound to a magical map, reveal the possible locations of the other dragons. Armed with the book, a quill and a new found ability to cast spells, Blane and Emerino set off to to search, but Geb Schezmoo, the creator of the Fluffy Death, is following them and will stop at nothing to get the dragon potion first.

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