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Valravyn by J. Morgyn White
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Bio-enhanced warrior Ales Ridley thrives in a complex world of tough spots, acquiring magical artifacts and enforcing laws for the magus royal family. But now his path leads him into the darkest place he’s ever been. By sharing his blood to save Cetrine Ravanos, he breaks the magus law of combining bloodlines, and secretly turns his back on his duty.


Struggling to understand their new bond, Ales and Cet begin to explore the relationship between the semi-immortal Valravyn and the future Moon Enchantress. But their future threatens to unravel the complicated political system which has long existed between the magus families, transforming the position of the Valravyn into a much more dangerous job.


Deep in the heart of New York City and the swamps of New Orleans, the price of bloodbonding moves higher, as Ales’ scheming cousin seizes this new opportunity to usurp Ales’ position leaving Ales to justify his decisions or face a death sentence.

currently seeking representation


Valravyn: Spirit Stones

 Excerpt Coming Soon...

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