Valravyn by J. Morgyn White
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Leaving her sketchy life behind to work for a private investigator, Harlan’s new life of legitimacy is sucking her dry. Desperate for cash, she takes a delivery job from her ex, sending her to the seedy Portland nightclub she used to frequent. When her old boss informs her that her ex is dead and she’s delivered his murder weapon, Harlan falls ill. But Wald, the hot guy she ogled on the way in, discovers she’d been poisoned and uses his healing power to cure her.


Now wanted for murder and reeling from Wald’s revelation that he’s not human, Harlan is attacked by the ruthless adversaries of Wald’s ancient race. When Wald explains she is in mortal danger from those hunting them, she decides to accept the illusion-cloaked stranger’s help to clear her name and stay alive. Barely hanging on to the shreds of her torn reality, Harlan wishes for a return to her miserable but safe existence, while falling for Wald, the dangerous giant whose family may kill her before she figures out what’s going on.







TheOrchid Apartment slumhouse I called home had neither the look nor smell of delicate flowers, but then neither did I. Parking my 2004 Dodge Intrepid in the only spot left, I tugged my skirt down and hauled my aching butt across the lot to the stairwell.

My first contract job as a P.I. in training had turned out to be a brain-deadening adultery stakeout. Seven glorious hours on a suburban Portland side street trapped in my dead aunt’s piece of shit car, resulted in fifteen minutes’ worth of vanilla sex photos. A paycheck was coming, but this new life of legitimacy was sucking me dry. 

© J. Morgyn White

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