Adult Contemporary Romance 


It’s nearly Christmas for Jane Cuttler, a widow of five years and a mom to three boys. With two sons in college and the youngest almost ready to fly out of the nest, she sees an empty house and a lonely life looming ahead. Spurred on by her best friend, who is emerging from a messy divorce, Jane faces bringing her rusty skills up to modern standards of her new marketing business with two months to put herself on center stage at the local high school’s annual Valentine’s fundraiser. Overwhelmed by tasks, she arrives late to pick up the Christmas roast at the local butcher. There she encounters the unexpected, a man who can make her heart beat faster.

Flying llamas, an eclipse,

and the fate of a village

reunite a wizard and his

hedge witch apprentice.

Adult Fantasy - co-authored with Kate Capwell

A stranded Argaeus Freedman, llama farmer and former elemental wizard, sends a letter by seagull to his former apprentice Crystaline Ferfur when he finds himself stranded on an upturned boat between the mainland of Hatsurah and an island in the middle of an eclipse. When Crystaline, a powerful hedge witch, receives Argaeus’ letter she arranges passage from Caleeforniya to Hatsurah. Indebted to her former mentor, she’s also curious to see him after fifteen years apart. Once they find each other, they realize there is a lot more at stake than dying crops and unruly floating llamas. The storms during the eclipse have unearthed a body, and its malevolent spirit is intent on getting back what she believes is rightfully hers, whatever the cost.

Witches and Demons in SF - YA UF

Adult Gothic Historical Fantasy  - In a London rife with alchemy, magic lurks in the opium washed shadows of the aristocracy's decadence.