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The Hunt for the Perfect Daily Planner

In January I began a hunt for the daily planner that would work for me as a writer and artist as well as one that would work for my son. After scouring the web, I complied a list of planners that I thought were of the type useful for writers and for students with multiple interests outside of academia. I published over at HuntingDragons

and settled on two to order. I already had the Brilliant Weekly Planner and that works for both us as a quick reference but we needed a bit more space to get the full picture for the month.

The winners were Ink & Volt and the Passion Planner. I waited until I received them before I decided who was going to use which. In the end I took the Ink & Volt. It's almost working more me. I really like the weekly to-do list. That is my favorite part. I don't quite get the whole year picture as well as I'd like, but I'm only a month in.

The Passion Planner is working for my son's busy schedule. I like that he can break out his homework in the to-do lists for the week and I like that the days are broken up by times, which helps organize our revolving door life.

I'll update mid-year. Do you have one that you love? Or one I missed from the list you'd recommend? Drop me a note at: jmorgynwhite at gmail dot com

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