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The Path

“It’s late and I’ve lost my way, but I will not follow the sun.” – Teresa Kiplinger

Once long ago, I encountered a photograph of a Victorian painting which I coveted deeply. It was not for sale. The artwork was small perhaps the size of a hardcover book, but with a wide frame. The painting itself would have been smaller. The image was simple a dirt road at night leading through the trees with a moon rising through a misty sky. It resonated. I wished deeply for the painting to sit above my desk so I could dream about it.

One of the challenges to that dream was that I don’t have a wall behind my computer. My desk backs onto a window. I’m not complaining, as the green openness beyond is wonderful. At night it is darkness lit by moonlight. Perhaps my desk is sitting in the middle of that dream painting. For the original inspiration, it wasn’t meant to be. The painting was not available for purchase and I had no place for it.

I’m not sure exactly what resonated more with me: the dark path or the moon to light the way, but I do have to tell you a story.

I went to college in the Northeast. Massachusetts to be more exact. At the back of the campus was a road that led through the trees. I had a habit of walking it at night by myself with headphones on and with a silver pen in my hand. In my college-age head that was my sword and shield and I was walking into the hall of the unknown. Into the darkness, lit by the moon.

When I saw what Teresa was up to, my heart skipped a beat. The painting I dreamed to own in miniature and wearable. A talisman close to my heart.

This time I inquired if she perhaps could come home to me and I could make her mine. The dream came true. Teresa's piece is called Into the Unknown.

I walk that path every day.

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