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Book Review: The Paris Gown by Christine Wells

Dior gown + 1950s Paris + Le Cordon Bleu/food and wine = catnip for this lover of historical fiction.

The Paris Gown is woven around the stories of three young women, Margot, Gina, and Claire, who first meet in Paris. After a fast forward we rejoin them years later after they’ve had some life journeys and are all facing new challenges. While Christian Dior is a location in the book, it is not the central plot. What I did love was how the Christian Dior gown works with each character, and in general how all three women have such unique and intriguing life experiences.

The glimmer of love and the magic of the Paris setting go a long way to pull the narrative together. I was particularly attracted to Margot because of the secrets of her past and was eager to find out how her plot line would resolve. Because of the particular challenges of the three strong female leads, the ending makes a lot of sense for the characters but was also a little unexpected. I did love how the gown ties the main characters and how the Paris setting works so integrally to the plot.   

Thanks to @netgalley and @williammorrowbooks for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



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