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The Evolution of #WritingArmor

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

I have always been a collector. I’ve been ring obsessed, from the early days in my grandmother’s and mother’s jewel boxes. My high school after-dark persona had an eight ring lineup which formed the beginning of a small collection. Over the years I’ve added antique pieces and rings which caught my fancy. Silver has always been a beacon for me.

#writingarmor Rings WritingArmor Writing Armor
J. Morgyn White

When I had the opportunity to learn to make jewelry with precious metal clay, I jumped. From there I dabbled with silversmithing. I’ve evolved in my understanding of the craft, the process, and the selection of stones. I’ve gained an appreciation over time and the collection reflects that.

My taste is evolving.

I do have some gold in my collection but I prefer old gold and rose gold with history. Silver is my first love. I’m attracted to the earth. Gemstones and mined stones with silver are what draw me, and energize me.

What I love is supporting the metalsmithing artist community. I adore seeing new smiths create and explore their art—and find their voice through their hands. I am honored to wear every piece which I add to my collection. Honored by the hours of work, the energy that has flowed into the piece by the hands and minds which created it. I purchase pieces. I don’t ask for free what I know takes blood, sweat, and tears. Soul pieces are just that and I give them the respect they deserve. I won’t take pieces without paying for them because it’s part of the magic.

I truly believe my collection of #writingarmor powers my wordsmithing and I’m thankful for being able to share it with you. When I finish work, I often add a special piece to commemorate the book. Other times I'll seek out the right piece to capture an element of the story. All the rings have story of their own. But there are some custom pieces in my collection which have special meaning. Sign up for my quarterly newsletter and I'll tell you a ring story!

I have wide guidelines when I peruse possibilities of adding a piece to the collection. There are no hard and fast rules and the search list is ever-changing :) Discovering new artists and sharing their work hopefully shines some new light on both my path and theirs.

But alas, I cannot own every piece which catches my eye so hard decisions must be made!

To see more of my collection, I post my #writingarmor lineup nightly on Insta and I tag the artists.

Drop by and say hello!

Things I love:

  • Art pieces which speak to me or tell a story

  • Clear faceted stones

  • Rose cut stones

  • Long face rings

  • Thicker bands

  • Bands with details

  • Sterling or fine silver

  • One of a kind pieces

  • Smooth galleries or very fancy

  • Patina

  • Tactile elements

  • Stones with a story

Things I don’t love as much:

  • All-silver rings without stones (exceptions made for design, texture, and keumboo)

  • Open back adjustable rings (wrap adjustable okay)

  • Sawtoothed galleries

  • Plain thin bands (unless stackers)

  • Smooth cabochons (exceptions as per opaque)

  • Opaque stones - will make exceptions for certain jasper, geodes, agates with inclusions or dendrites or interesting strata and certain fossils.

  • CZs

  • Wide rings or landscape orientation rings - will make exceptions ;)

  • Copper and brass (accents okay)

  • Cast elements which are not made by the artist

  • Turquoise - I make exceptions for stunning stones or amazing settings

  • Southwestern elements

  • Theme shaped stones like coffin and skulls - again exceptions

  • Bright shiny silver

  • Mermaids, shells, and fish

  • Amber. I’m not sure why. I like the concept of amber.

Things I’m actively keeping an eye out for:

  • 3 and 5 stone rings

  • Rings with stones which grab me

  • Red garnets

  • Green garnets

  • Tourmaline especially a large watermelon

  • SuperSeven - Cacoxenite

  • Dendritic opals (not white)

  • Dendrites (not b/w)

  • Montana agate

  • Amethyst

  • Alexandrite

  • Madeira citrine

  • Breathtaking saw work

  • Kinetic pieces

  • Herkimer - mild obsession

  • Enhydro stones.


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