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Strong Muses : Part One - Writing Armor

I: Driving the Muse

How to get words onto the page

Trade Secret : Writing Armor

Your muse might have a face, or it may be a sense, or scent or well —anything at all. It’s what drives you to the keyboard, pen, or pencil to scratch out the literal musings of the mind into tangible methods of communication. Write a song, paint a picture, take a photo or craft something divine. The muse is your most personal drive. As such, what drives the muse is personal journey of discovery.

My muse comes at his will not mine. He is finicky and fickle, wanting something today that tomorrow will simply not do. Like a two year old, his attention wans quickly. To capture his focus I muse be innovative and creative.

My small jewelry collection of silver and stones drives my muse. The literal writing armor that I affix to my fingers fuels their dexterity, perhaps focusing my mental energy into words. It boils down to whatever works you indulge. The written word is the tangible creation of the fleeing thought. A moment later the thought is gone but the printed page lives on.

My choices for his pleasure are seductive stones in facets and colors offset by well loved silver brushed with age into a patina. A blend of vintage and newly crafted, I rotate the treasures to make sure they receive the love and attention my muse requires.

I’ll leave you with some photos.


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