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Book Review : What Feasts At Night (Sworn Soldier #2) by T. Kingfisher

by T. Kingfisher Tor Nightfire

What Feasts at Night is a Gothic horror tale and book two of T. Kingfisher’s Sworn Soldier series which began at Usher manor. In reflection I think it easily could have been a standalone—and I appreciated the craft that made that happen. I loved the creepy gothic-style folklore tale which begins with the retired soldier Alex Easton arriving at the house (this time a hunting lodge in Gallicia) and the discovery of a dead caretaker. The mystery ensues and begins to threaten our hero and those around him.

The resolution, was enough to leave the reader satisfied while paving the way for another tale to come. Beautiful prose as to be expected from T. Kingfisher.

Tasteful Creep.



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