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Five Favorite Reads of 2022

I attempt to read a book a week and sometimes I finish two in good weeks, which means I can read a fair number of books a year. There are many more that I try and fail at reading. Some I don’t finish (because I’ve trained myself to not finish books if I get to a certain point and just don’t care what happens—this is hard because I like to finish things).

Last year held some great reads. A few were newer books and some were older. I read across genres so keep that mind. I won’t number them because it’s not a best to worst kind of thing. When I take time to drop a note as to why I liked a book—you know I really liked enough to spend time to write the sentence or two.

SweetBitter by Stephanie Daimler

This book was made into a TV series which I watched and loved before reading the book. I love the book more. The writing is gorgeous and I adored every finely crafted moment. This is a book I could read again.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Charlie was my book crush for summer of ’22. Great set up and a slow burn romance kept the pages turning. Wasn’t entirely fond of the ending but its a great read.

The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

This was delightful with wonderful writing and tremendous research. Pip Williams’ writing is beautiful. The story of The Dictionary of Lost Words centers around the creation of the OED and gives a wonderful alternative lens to the history. I highly enjoyed the way words and their definitions supported the plot. Will seek out her next book.

The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean

There was a lot of hype around this book and I went in with low expectations. The writing is lovely and I have great respect for finding a way to discuss ‘monsters’ in a different way. The world building has interesting takes on family dynamics and bodyguards and a complex political background. I could wish for other endings but I enjoyed this. The hype has basis. Looking forward to whatever Sunyi Dean offers us next.

The Forgotten Room by Lauren Willig, Karen White, Beatriz Williams

I went in with extreme skepticism as I usually don’t like books that are written by more than one person and books that flip back and forth between time periods. The authors of The Forgotten Room enchanted me with their story and I was flipping pages to find out what happened in all three time lines. Beautifully done and I’ve just picked up their Newport Rhode Island centered book to read this month.



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