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Book Review : Butcher & Blackbird, by Brynne Weaver - #1 of The Ruinous Love Trilogy

This first book of a stand-a-lone trilogy of dark romantic comedies is not for the feint of heart and definitely read the content warnings before starting - but what a cool fresh take on romance with great chemistry between the Main characters. The plot focuses on two rival murderers - serial killers of a sort who find an expected friendship sharing their passion for murder.

Rowan is a great romantic hero and I loved all the elements that made Sloane and Rowan unique. Even through the squicky places I enjoyed the romp and the twinges of horror. But beware readers with a sensitive stomach - there is some significant horror-esque gory elements to this story. Beautifully done, of course. The set up with the side characters was done expertly with just enough hook for me to wonder about the romance between them and pick up the next book.


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